Senior Concierge


Concierge Services in Orange County

Our Premier Senior Concierge program offers a wide variety of non-medical services to assist you or your loved one in maintaining independence. These services include:

  • Grocery Shopping & Weekly Meal Preparations – Your Silver Concierge will go to the grocery store and prepare delicious meals that fit your nutrition needs.
  • Light Housekeeping – Silver Concierge offers light housekeeping. A cluttered home creates a stressful environment and we make sure to alleviate this.
  • Running Errands/Pharmacy Pick-ups – Errands and pharmacy pick-ups are taken care of by your Silver Concierge.
  • Appointments Setting – We will organize your calendar and make sure your appointments are maintained.
  • Bill Pay – Your concierge will make sure that bills are monitored and paid on time.
  • Overseeing Household Organization/Projects – Our team will help oversee and organize household projects and minor home repairs.
  • House Sitting and Mail Check – Going out of town? Our team will check the mail and house sit for any of our Silver Concierge clients.
  • Holiday Shopping/Shipping – Holiday shopping and shipping will be taken care of by your concierge.
  • Transportation for Pet Grooming – We will transport your pets to any scheduled Pet Grooming appointments.
  • Computer, Internet and Cell Phone Assistance – Our team understands the need for Seniors to be able to use modern technology and will assist with general functions and understanding.
  • Facetime/Skype Assistance with Family and Friends – Your concierge will assist with staying in touch with friends and family through Facetime/Skype.
  • Companionship/Friendship – Our friendly concierge’s offer companionship and friendship to boost happiness and wellbeing.
  • Attention to General Well Being with Report to Family – After taking care of the needs of your loved one, our team of experts will put together a report of general well-being for the family.
  • Etc. – Silver Concierge will tailor services to fit you or your loved ones needs.

**We specialize in enhancing independence and promote aging in place.
Most home visits are 1-hour minimum, 3-hour maximum**

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